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Why do you need Workers Compensation Attorneys? Here’s the answer: You have worked all your life, and suddenly an accident at work changes everything. Your life may be changed forever simply because of a misstep or one faulty piece of safety equipment. If you’ve been injured on the job, you need a workers comp lawyer to protect your rights under workers compensation laws. If you have had to go on disability because of a job-related accident, our Mississippi workers’ compensation lawyers can investigate whether you’re covered under workers compensation laws.

In high-risk occupations, especially, you may risk your life just to perform your daily job and your family is also greatly affected by your workers compensation claim. Our workers comp attorneys will ensure that proper procedures are followed if a worker has been injured or dies on a work related project.

A workers comp attorney will ensure that procedures followed will ensure a determination of workers compensation benefits in your favor. Our workers compensation attorneys will ensure that all proper procedures are followed.

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Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

On Your Side

Whenever dealing with the government, or the courts, or large corporations, you know it’s important to follow the rules and procedures. Workers’ compensation lawyers from Salu & Salu are on your side. That means your workers compensation lawyer will make sure all the important rules are followed and that all essential deadlines are met.

Our workers’ compensation lawyers won’t allow your claim to be jeopardized by missing deadlines or violating the rules. In addition, our workers comp attorney will ensure that you are not intimidated or confused by complicated court procedures and requirements.

With a Tennessee workers’ compensation attorney from Salu & Salu by your side, you can be confident that someone very familiar with these kinds of proceedings is representing your interests effectively.  If you suffered injuries from a slip and fall accident at work, contact us today.

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Mississippi Workers’ Comp Attorneys know State Laws

In Mississippi, our workers’ comp lawyer knows that the state’s workers compensation statutes are designed to help injured workers get by if the worst should happen. The Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission oversees the laws and regulations that govern the responsibilities of an employer if an employee is injured on the job.

A workers comp attorney will put the onus of taking care of an injured employee squarely on the employer. But “getting by” can have many different interpretations. Often in cases of the working injured of Mississippi, “getting by” often means a serious decline in their standards of living.

Workers’ Compensation laws vary from state to state. To avoid costly mistakes or delays, it’s important that your workers comp attorney is intimately familiar with the specific laws in your state. At Salu & Salu, we practice in both Tennessee and Mississippi, and our lawyers are highly experienced with the courts and the laws of both states.

In Tennessee or Mississippi, the workers’ comp attorney to call is at Salu & Salu.


Memphis Workers Compensation Lawyers and

Contingency Fees

We perform all of our workers compensation legal services on a contingency fee basis. Contingency fee billing means that you owe us nothing if we do not successfully process your Workers Compensation claim. And if there is a settlement, your workers compensation lawyer is paid a percentage of the settlement.

If you are in doubt about your case, you should still talk with one of our workers compensation attorneys. It won’t cost anything unless we take your case and you get an appropriate settlement.

Our workers compensation attorneys will protect you against the unfair tactics of your employer’s insurance companies. Whenever possible, insurance companies look for ways to keep payouts extremely low. To accomplish this, they will challenge the validity of an injured worker’s claim, even in the most obvious cases of employer neglect and dereliction.

“You’re lucky to be getting anything at all” is the general attitude you’ll encounter when dealing with hostile insurance companies, who bar no holds in their never ending quest to keep payouts minimal. They will resist, insist, intimidate and aggravate until (hopefully) the injured worker acquiesces and takes the bare minimum settlement.

It’s nothing personal.

Wearing down an injury victim is simply more cost-efficient than paying them what he or she will truly need and deserve.

If you would like to know more about workers comp lawyer contingency fees, please contact us.


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