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 Southaven Criminal Defense Lawyer

If your liberty is at risk because you have been arrested by the police, charged with a criminal offense or given a ticket for a criminal offense, contact one of our attorneys immediately.

Sometimes, when you fail to appear in court for a scheduled hearing, a bench warrant might be issued for your arrest, and you may be facing jail time.

Our experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorneys will work to help navigate the complexities of the justice system for you.  We may be able to get your charge dismissed or get the ticket reduced to a lesser amount.  This is especially important if you are a truck driver and your commercial driver’s license (CDL) is on the line.

Memphis Criminal Defense Lawyer

Practice areas include:


Memphis Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Our attorneys are skilled and experienced at dealing with traffic ticket violations, especially those involving CDLs.  We regularly represent out-of-state individuals who were charged with criminal offenses in the states of Mississippi, Tennessee and Florida.

To hire an experienced attorney who will defend your freedom and liberty, contact us today.


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Contact a criminal defense lawyer today or call us at 662-342-7007 or toll free at 888-560-6690 for a confidential consultation.  We will discuss available legal options and answer your questions.


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